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Name:  " Carol Simon "
D.O.B:  February 26, 1972
D.O.D  December 15, 2007
Country From:  Grenada
State / Parish:  St. Andrews
District  Tivoli
Place of Death  Brooklyn, New York
Service Date
01/07/2008 @


Carol Simon was born in Tivoli, St. Andrew’s on February 26, 1972 to the proud parents of Arthur Richardson and Emlyn Simon.  As a child, Carol was kind and respectful; she was a favorite among relatives, friends and villagers.  
Additionally, Carol was unique in a few ways.  On rainy days, Carol was the only child in our community who enjoyed playing in the mud when she was outside.  Moreover, Carol’s brother, Alwin, nicknamed her ‘Madame Defarge” because of Carol's fondness for knitting pretty doilies while other kids in the village would be playing in the yard. 
Carol began her educational journey at the Tivoli Roman Catholic School where she was an excellent student.  She later attended McDonald College, graduating after completing five years of secondary education with passes at the General Certificate of Education (G.C.E.) Examination (Ordinary Level).
In 1991 Carol migrated to the United States and settled in Brooklyn, New York.   There Carol matured into an exceptional adult. 
Carol was employed as a nurse technician at Brookdale Hospital emergency room.  She provided excellent care to her patients and was well loved by the hospital staff.  Carol’s compassion, caring, sincerity and diligence made her an exemplary worker.
Certainly, Carol was quite family-oriented.  She believed that relatives should support each other and care for each other.  Not surprisingly, Carol helped many relative in whatever way she could. 
Carol was a loving and devoted mother, daughter and sister. No sacrifice was too much for Carol to make for the betterment of her son, mother, father, brothers and sister.  Being quite generous, frequently, Carol did without things that she needed, in order to provide for others in need.  
Carol had strong faith in the Lord.  She was a devout Catholic and attended church service almost every Sunday.  Carol tried to instill in her son, nieces and nephews the importance of loving and serving God. 
In the past few years, functioning as an entrepreneur, Carol played a pivotal role in helping her mother start a boutique in Grenville.  Although being thousands of miles away, Carol found the time and recourses to help finance and manage the business.  Given her many other responsibilities, one wonders how Carol found a way to effectively multitask and to manage her time so well.
A major goal for Carol was to become a registered nurse.  In 2006, she began taking prerequisite courses at Staten Island College for enrollment into the nursing program.   Carol studied diligently and was excited about making her career goal a reality.  Unfortunately, this was not to be accomplished here on earth.  
On Saturday, December 15, Carol was suddenly called home to be with the Lord.  Only God knows why Carol left us so abruptly.  Maybe Carol's work on this earth was finished, and now she must go on to other realms to complete other tasks that the Lord already assigned to her.
Of course, our hearts ache with sadness.  While still in a state of shock, our minds seem dazed in disbelief. 
Carol, we thank you for your brief yet wonderful and memorable life with us.  We thank you for your love, for your kindness, for fond memories and for shared joys.  We thank the Lord for honoring us with your presence on earth.  You will never be forgotten.  May your soul rest in eternal peace!
Left to carry on Carol’s legacy of love are the following: 
Son, Kieron; Soul-mate, Clarence; Mother, Emlyn; Father, Arthur; Sister, Atlyn; Brothers, John, Evans and Alwin; Brother-in-law, Alister; Sisters-in-law, Donna, Cynthia, Corin and Shayena; Aunts, Joslyn, Ennis, Maudlyn, Micey, Faith, Catherine (1), Catherine (2), Alqween, Theresa and Loslyn; Uncles, Lewis, Augustine, Lazarus, Withnald, Tourist, Ronald, Winston, Wilmut, Lawson and Darnley; Nieces, Lyndonna, Anika, Nakea, Daniela, Avril and Janniel; Nephews, Shawn, Irwyn, Dwayne, Dillon, Tarik, Simeon, Daniel, Axcel and Kellon, and a host of other relatives, friends, co-workers, and villagers too numerous to mention.

i know its been a while since she has left us, but as i come accros this page, it seems as it was yesterday. icould not have left without saying. carol was one of the most loving, friendly, kind and respectful person i have ever known. she never passed someone she knew without saying hello. my last memory of her was seeing her in grenada for carnival. she was standing right next to me, with that big, loving smile on her face. carol, even though your time with us was cut short, you will always be remembered in our hearts just the way you lived, loving kind & respectful. may you rest in peace my friend. luv mandie
BROOKLYN, NY [5/29/2009]

my condolence to the family and friends of carol. she will surely be missed by us all, but surely not forgotten. love always, friend of alwin and family
BROOKLYN, NY [1/17/2008]

our deepest, heartfelt sympathy to carol's entire family, especially her mom ms. emlyn, dad mr. arthur, sister atlyn, brothers john, alwyn & evans & her darling son. i will always remember growing up in tivoli with carol & her family, attending tivoli r. c. school & church together. i will always remember carol's smiles & how she always greeted everyone with that nice smile. carol you were a bubblely person like myself. it was very unfortunate i couldn't attend your funeral here in new york & say farewell, due to the fact i was down with the bad cold. i'm looking forward to paying a special tribute to you carol on february 7th 2008, being your first month since burial in our back home village, our 34th independence anniversary & also tivoli's harvest. i'll always remember us tivolians looking forward to tivoli's harvest, the biggest & best harvest in our time & have our little time dancing in the all day dj party upstairs the school. i intend on shaking a leg for you dearheart if god spare's life. i will always remember & treasure the last time i saw you & your son & we spoke-labor day 2007 infront of gracelyn's building on eastern parkway-(the grenadian hang out where most of us grenadians meet, greet & have some fun on labor day). you were taken from us so tragic & senseless but you'll never, ever be forgotten by us. carol dear soul, my tivoli home~girl rest in eternal peace dearheart.
BROOKLYN, NY [1/17/2008]

may the lord give you all the strength to continue in your time of grief.she may be gone from sight but she will never be forgotten. with deepest symphaty.
LONDON [1/16/2008]

the warm rays that you feel everyday is not just sunshine....but the touch of the angels who want to let you know, they are watching over you, all the time...because you are very, very special to all who loves you. may you rest in peace, from my entire clyne family ~~hugs & kisses
BROOKLYN, NY [1/13/2008]

carol will always have a special place in my heart, i have fondest memories of her, especially when she and my mom dressed up in their short pants with their head tied up with a grenada flag going to jouvert. i miss her & love her so much, the last time i spoke to her she was supposed to see my twins for the first time, but never got the chance to. i know she's looking down on them from heaven!!!
BROOKLYN,NY [1/13/2008]

my heart goes out carol simon family.you will be miss deeply.may ur soul rest in peace.
BROOKLYN,NY [1/9/2008]

my heart goes out the family of carol simon especially her son.i known how it feels to lost a love one .may your soul rest in peace.
BROOKLYN NY [1/9/2008]

my heart goes out the family of carol i will be miss her dearly, cousin elma and family.
CALFORNIA. [1/3/2008]

just want to send condolence clarance and the simon family sorry for your lost clarance your cousin will keep you in her prayers
TORONTO CANADA [12/29/2007]

just want to send condolence clarance and the simon family sorry for your lost clarance your cousin will keep you in her prayers
TORONTO CANADA [12/29/2007]


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